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Cleanroom Technology

Ceiling Systems

Clean-tek offers a variety of ceiling systems. All systems are absolutely flush in combination with a low portion of joints. They correspond to the system requirements described by GMP & FDA.

The systems are available as walk-on or non-walk-on versions. The panels are sealed or there are used dry gaskets. For every ceiling system clean-tek offers appropriate standard components like luminaires, filter/fan modules or inspection chambers. The systems are modular so dismantling and reassembly can be carried out at any time.

ceil-tek Ceiling System
T-Grid Ceiling System
clean-ceil Ceiling System


Wall Systems

Thanks to your requirements the development of our wall systems has generated a high diversity. All systems are combinable to each other, are flush with the adjacent areas and fullfill the requirements of the GMP and FDA.

The wall systems are made out of sheet steel monoblock elements, Aluminium or CNS. All systems are mutually combinable and can be removed at any time without problems. For clean-tek flush fitting implies: no bear out or rebounding components on which particles are able to sediment. We distinguish ourself through a patented standard system which enables you to place media nearly at any place in your room to your disposal.

Bi-Wall Wall System
GMP Wall System
Glass Wall System


Door Systems

We offer you solid metal revolving doors, flush on both sides with the door With high impermeability or low leakage, glazed or non glazed. Addionally we offer you proofed gastight doors.

We produce sliding doors with the sandwich construction, alternatively there are roller shutters which are combinable with our clean room system. All door systems are able to meet your requirements. Every system is expandable for the sluice function, access control or to be used as highly frequented door with automatic operation.

Door Systems



Get lighted! All lighting systems are especially adapted to our ceiling systems , so that flushness is always guaranteed. The maintenance of the lights is optionally carried out from the sterile side on or from above. In addition we offer you luminaires which are specially determinated for the Laminar Flow Area.

TDL Lighting System
EBL Lighting System
BRL Lighting System


Airlock Control

The airlock control system allows to keep different door systems locked to traverse different cleanroom classifiactions. The system is adjustable for its correct recovery time.

Thereby two principles are followed: permanently open or permanently closed. Both principles are realizable with our analogue interlocking system.

Airlock Control